Legends and heroes, trials and triumphs
          past and present... forged in a land
         of diversity and  beauty - AUSTRALIA 
   Under the Southern Cross Sky
      Award Winning Australian Bush Poems
60, A4 pages of poetry, watercolour paintings & photos
        written and illustrated by Brenda Joy
(includes winning poems from National, NSW and WA
   Championships, The Boree Log, The Kembla Flame,
  The Coo-ee March, The Graham Fredriksen and more)

              Foreword by Ellis Campbell                                
         Available through - Halenda
     PO Box 1727, CHARTERS TOWERS. Qld. 4820    
email halenda@live.com.au phone 04 3812 1074

   $25 (including GST and postage within Australia)

Now in Second Edition.

Brenda Joy's poems form part of the following prestigious books/collections -

www.abpa.org.au Award Winning Poetry - go to 'Poetry' from the Homepage - on line collection of Award Winning Bush Poetry from 2008 to present.
Also frequent publication in ABPA bi-monthly magazine.

Blackened Billy Turns Silver - A Tribute to the First 25 Winners of the Iconic Blackened Billys,
Tamworth Poetry Reading Group, Tamworth NSW 2015. 
Available from Brenda -  $15 (including GST and postage within Australia).

Tales from our Verandah, An Anthology by Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland.
Available from www.fawq.net

They Shall Grow not Old, Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland.
Available from www.fawq.net

Award Winning Bush Verse and Stories, 2012 and 2013 editions, Melbourne Books, Melbourne.
Avalable from www.melbournebooks.com.au

Award Winning Australian Writing 2015, Melbourne Books, Melbourne.
and Award Winning Australian Writing '2016'
                             Available from www.melbournebooks.com.au

The Bronze Swagman Book of Bush Verse 2009 - 2015 editions,
Available from - Winton Business and Tourism Association, Winton, Queensland.

Anthologies from many other leading bush poetry competitions.

Frequent publication in Free XpresSion literary magazine.
Available from www.freexpression.com.au

'Brio', An Anthology by the Fellowship of Australian Writers, Queensland
Available from www.fawq.net

Brenda Joy