Brenda Joy
Original poems, songs and music         
written and performed by 

The Darling of the Outback           
                1. Under the Southern Cross Sky (Song)
                2. Under Southern Skies (Poem)
                3. Soul of Matilda(Poem)
                4. Clancy of the Overflow                                                         
      (Lyrics AB Paterson/Music Wallace & Matilda)                                                                                                                                  
                5.A Breed of their Own (Poem)
                6.Pioneers (Lyrics AB Paterson/Music BJ)
                7.Piner of the Past (Poem)
                8.Tasmania Wild and Free
                9.Our Outback Land (Poem)
               10.A Soldier Brave (Poem)
               11.Where the Murray Meanders (Song)
               12.The Sheik of the Scrubby (Poem)
               13.On the Night Train (Lyrics Henry Lawson/BJ)                                                                                                                                  
               14.Australian Free (poem)
               15.Spirit of '…Matilda'
               16.My Country (Lyrics Dorothea MacKellar/Music BJ)      

Backing from Piano Compositions by BJ -

         Flight,      The Inner Self,
      No-one can Touch the Eagle,
   Bush Transformation and Spirit's Call.

2018     Halenda                                                                 
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