Across many different art forms, Brenda Joy, ABPA Australian, Victorian, New South Wales and West Australian Bush Poetry Written Champion and New South Wales Performance Humorous Champion, has always loved entertaining.  Having moved  through the music modes of 'Soul', 'Blues' 'Folk' and 'Minstrel Storytelling', she finally found avenues into Bush Poetry - and she knew she had 'arrived home'.

This has been borne out by the success she has had both in the written and performance areas of this special genre and by the excitement and enthusiasm she feels for the opportunity to help share and preserve our unique Australian culture through the many different creative dimensions and diverse experiences that life as a modern bush poet offers.

As a performer, Brenda Joy provides a 'JOY-ful' mix of  all-Australian comedy, poetry and song, for festivals, corporate and community events and tourist outlets. 

As a qualified and approved ABPA Judge for both written and performance Brenda judges and MC's at  ABPA championships and competitions.

As a qualified and experienced educator, she also conducts bush poetry workshops for adults  and  poetry and language development workshops for children in schools and learning centres. She is the Host Editor for 'Young Xpressions' in the printed literary magazine 'Free XpresSion.

Brenda Joy